from Real Clothes Volume II
(c)Perestroika Designs Ltd.

1. Pressing tools

For the challenges of "press as you sew", here are tools I've found useful. 
Pressing seams and steaming necklines, collars, lapels, sleeves and hems into shape is even more critical with doll clothes than with full-size garments - you'll never have another chance to get at those areas, and it makes a world of difference in the appearance of the garment. 

A collection of dowels, from 1/4" to 1 1/2" diameter; Wooden balls (2, 2 1/2, 3" diameters), padded with felted wool batting and covered with cotton socks, screwed to a board for stability; Wooden eggs, a tennis ball, and a flattened wooden ball, mounted on dowels in bases made from wooden toy wheels; a June Tailor pressing board; a pressing cloth; a small lightly padded pressing board; and a reliable steam iron.

Nothing will give a good hard press better than using a bare wood surface. To flatten a seam without imprinting the edges of the seam allowance or creating secondary wrinkles, use the dowels and press only on the stitching line.
The padded balls and the tennis ball give the curved surfaces necessary for shaping a neckline or a waistline, or for steaming shape into lapels and ribbing. Pin into them to hold things in place while you shape, and to dry.

The eggs are great for shaping neck edges with collars, and the curve on a waist.
The June Tailor board provides curved surfaces and points for pressing most garment areas.

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