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TanQuility CD   

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TanQuility is a series of patterns for foundation piecing images created with the Tangram puzzle. 
The TanCats Library contains 40 images, and there are 20 images in the TanPups Library. 
Because the patterns can be sized from tiny to huge, you can create a fantasy pet on a garment pocket or a theme quilt. Visit the Gallery for ideas!
FREE sample quilt pattern available..


The patterns for the images you have arranged on the design page (or for any selected image or images) will be printed in the size you have specified, ready to use. Patterns for multiple images will automatically be placed in the most efficient manner on the printed pages. Pattern units larger than your printer page will automatically be tiled over several pages. 

The design page can be created in any size and scale you choose; the thumbnail images can be reversed, rotated, sized or scaled to allow you to plan any project. Print the working sketch either scaled to a page or in real size to provide a working sketch for your project, or save the file for future reference.  

Each pattern unit includes stitching lines and seam allowances, and is numbered sequentially for easy piecing. Print the Master for Patterns from File for your guide to piecing the image block units together.  
The Help files include information about the Tangram images and using the CD for your projects, as well as a Gallery of sample projects with design suggestions. 
The Tanquility Series includes TanDance, TanZoo, TanDonald's Farm, theTanPark Folk, and Tansportation. Watch for the CDs!

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