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finished sample from Tangram Quilting software

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The wall hanging, 12 x 25", was made from the design page and patterns illustrated below. A batik fabric was fussy-cut for the cat and dog images, which were pieced with a water-colour print for the window background, and a second mottled print for the window ledge background; the batik was also used for the border. It was a hit with the friend whose pets were represented in the hanging!

The four selected images (314, 335, 318 reversed, and 204) were arranged to suit the proportions of the hanging, and the design sheet was printed on one page. 

The images were scaled to suit the size of the hanging, and all 4 patterns were printed (automatically arranged on 2 pages). The tan shapes were pre-cut slightly larger than required from selected areas of the batik fabric, so each image would be a different colour. The background areas of the pattern units were coded as either "window" or "ledge"; fabric for 1 background piece required piecing prior to being used in the block, because it had both window and ledge in it. (I had initially planned the dog's tail to extend into the border, but there wasn't enough contrast with the border fabric.)

The block units were pieced, the units joined to form the blocks, and the blocks were joined together with additional background fabric to the desired size. The border was added, the piece was machine quilted with a cotton batt and a coordinated backing, and bound with a sleeve attached to the back. The project was easily completed in 3 evenings.

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