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Welcome to Dolton!

Dolton is a town in the basement of my house where all my 1:6 scale dolls live. It was created in 1989, with a meager 400+ dolls.  I was looking for a name to call it instead of saying 'in the basement' all the time.  I also needed a name that represented the dolls but was not exactly a give away as to what was really downstairs.


Eventually Dolton became a 'place'.  Everyone had an apartment to live in amongst the shelves of my bookcases and wall units.  But soon Dolton's population took on a mind of it's own and the shelves filled with dolls from all over the world.  Everyone (or every doll) it seemed wanted to live in Dolton!  Now we have dolls who immigrated from England, Sweden, Singapore and about 15 different states in the USA who all call Dolton their home.  To date the population of Dolton is 1778 dolls. 

Doltonites lead the very best of life. Parties, good times, good friends and lots of dances!  Of course everything is free for the Doltonites, so when shopping for the latest gown, that fancy convertible or even just a meal, no payment is necessary.  Ah they have it good don't you think?

Anyway here is a few scenes from the past year.  Hope you enjoy a small glimpse of Dolton!


I-Wiz goes to camp.

One of my rescue dolls sat on my computer desk with me for a while, and every time I visited the Wizzettes at Wizzy’s site, I heard her say “I wish I was a Wizzette . . . IwishIwasaWizzette. . .IwiziwuzaWizzette!”   When Wizzy was organizing Camp Wizzy 2003, she invited campers, and guess who was right here saying “Mememe!”  How could I say no?  So here’s I-Wiz, choosing her clothes at the Going to Camp store, and off on her adventure.


(Go to http://www.wonderwizzy.com/wizzettes/camp03/intro.htm to visit the camp.)


I-Wiz goes to camp