Show & Tell Summer 2003


It's been a busy year - and our sewing friends have been busy, too!  Jen and Sabrina did ""Show & Tell" projects that turned into Sewing Tips articles - take a look! Christine shared her photos of doll bodies for fitting adjustments, and Wizzy's been dressing the Wizzettes, and I played with scarves and worked on dress patterns for Volume 3 (coming soon!).  We'd love to show your work with the Real Clothes patterns, and share your sewing tips here - send us an e-mail!


Jane made vests from the free pattern; she used a no-fray wool-and-poly fabric much like Melton:


Yolanda played with socks, and made Ken new outfits:


And the panties!  These kind folks tested the patterns for us - here is some of their work:

Jane was very busy!


Max sews by hand - lycra bikini! Yolanda had fun with these!

Patterns for some of these panties are in the Free Patterns file, and check out the Sewing with Knits tips.  More Panties patterns in the Bonus Files on Real Clothes Volume 3!