"Last week, I made a new pant using the first time your pattern 120F. I was completely hooked. I printed the pattern, cut it out, sewed the pants and without any trying-on, the pants fitted PERFECTLY. That's so great! I don't know other patterns who are so user-friendly. I added a sewed crease to the pants, and they look absolutely real!!"

Silvana Baroffio, Switzerland ..
view her completed garments.

The Real Clothes patterns are designed to be easy to sew, easy to use, easy to modify. 
Doll clothes should be as much fun to sew as they are to play with. They should challenge creativity and satisfy individual preferences. 

Doll clothes for play need to be durable and attractive. For the people who customize dolls, the Real Clothes patterns can be used to create unique garments. Your fabrics, modifications to the basic patterns, hand finishing, and creative embellishment techniques can be incorporated to produce one-off couture fashions. The sewing instructions offer alternative construction methods and suggestions for design changes so you can make the clothes you visualize.

The CD format means that you can print the pattern you want, ready to use, whenever you want . . . or ready for you to modify, without tracing or damaging the original pattern. Just insert the CD. install the software, and it's ready whenever you are. 

view larger pictures of the patterns
view larger pictures of the patterns
view larger pictures of the patterns



Volume One is a collection of 40 patterns - T-shirts, sweatshirts, casual jackets, pants, and - for her - skirts, each with possibilities for design variations.
Buy for $21.95 US

Volume Two features 34 patterns for shirts, sweaters, and jackets, and step-by-step photo illustrations of construction steps and design tips.
 Buy for $21.95 US

Volume Three has 51 new patterns for pants for standard and poser dolls, bodysuits, overalls and coveralls, shirts, and 9 bonus panties patterns; detailed illustrated sewing instructions and sewing techniques files, Design Options files, and  tips tp fit Action Figure dolls
Buy for $27.95 US

Clothes fit female (11.5") and male (12") fashion dolls! (Ken and Barbie size)