All of our software operates on Windows 95, 98, Milleneum, NT & XP
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About our pricing  The price for our pattern CDs was set in 2001 at $34.95 Canadian each, which remains the benchmark price.  At that time, the conversion to US dollars was $21.95.  We are reluctant to change the current price for Volumes 1 and 2 and for TanCats; for the time being, those products will remain at $21.95US.  The price for Volume 3 more closely reflects the current conversion rates for our benchmark Canadian price.  Our shipping costs were also set in 2001, with free shipping for a second CD.  These costs have increased, and we are advised that international postage rates, particularly to the US, will be raised again in the near future.  For the time being, however, we will not be raising our shipping charge of $3 per order.
A look at using the RealClothes Software.    Check out what you can do with the CD patterns and socks! 

 words & pictures from our customers

A brief description on how easy the software is to use.
Using your mouse you Select the Sample button (shown on the left side of the software) and photos of more than 60 garments made from the patterns will be displayed on the screen.

 Click on one of the styles to see the pattern preview; click again
to print the pattern. It is that easy!

models wearing the garments

The screen shots shown here are from Volume One; Volume Two uses the same software, just with different patterns to be printed.

you can select one of the style libraries (shown on the left side of the software) to see sketches of the actual patterns; click on one of the sketches to bring up the pattern preview, and click to print. 

The printed patterns are ready to use, and if you want to modify the pattern, you don't have to trace or damage the original - just print another! The patterns are basic styles, with unlimited potential for creating your own original garments.

Create wardrobes of easy-to-sew, fun-to-play-with-clothes for both female (11.5") and male (12") fashion dolls! (Ken and Barbie) 


pattern libraries from the CD

Volume One is a collection of 40 patterns - T-shirts, sweatshirts, casual jackets, pants, and - for her - skirts, each with possibilities for design variations. Buy for $21.95 US
Volume Two features 34 patterns for shirts, sweaters, and jackets, and step-by-step photo illustrations of construction steps and design tips.
 Buy for $21.95 US Volume Three has 51 new patterns for pants for standard and poser dolls, bodysuits, overalls and coveralls, shirts, and 9 bonus panties patterns; detailed illustrated sewing instructions and sewing techniques files, Design Options files, and  tips tp fit Action Figure dolls
Buy for $27.95 US Watch for Volume Four, with dresses and coats!


Each garment has just 1 or 2 main pattern pieces, and the complete pattern will print on 1 or 2 pages, as needed, automatically. 

Both CDs  include complete step-by-step sewing instructions as well as design and construction options, ideas for personalizing the garments, PLUS tips and techniques for easier, faster, better construction of durable doll fashions. There are also bonus design template pages, so you can sketch your modification ideas to design more garments, as well as templates for hangers for the new clothes. 

View these on the screen, print for easy reference.


There have been requests for translation into other languages, which we're not able to do right now. 

we have included detailed photo sequences for the Sewing Instructions of each pattern. . .

we have added the Design Options photo files, with dozens of ideas for modifying the basic patterns! 
See how to style a shirt for him from pattern 212 - short, pleated or plain sleeves, 1 of 4 collar options, add shirtfront pleats or a yoke, use funky colours! 
Follow the steps to 8 variations of Jacket 151, all easy, to spark your imagination! 

PLUS in the CD Gallery, 81 photos of dolls wearing the clothes!


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