I-Wiz Goes to Camp Wizzy 2003

(go to http://www.wonderwizzy.com/wizzettes/camp03/intro.htm to visit the camp.)


No no no, not jeans and boots, they're not nice!

Now this is pretty!


Ready for the pool . . .bring on the sun!

Nighty-night all!

And it all matches - ready to jog!

I'll write a new song . . . and I want to take the skates!

My special shirt - IwiziwuzaWizzette!!!

Why can't I take the kitten?

Don't forget the raincape!

Will it all fit in with me?

Whew - all done - where's the cat?

We did it - she's on her way to Camp Wizzy!

Postcard home

Hey Mom, look at me!!!