The soft, flexible 5/8” wide hook-and-loop tape works well with doll clothes. Prepare it by smoothing a length of the tape together, and putting 2 strips of 1/4” wide wash-out double-faced basting tape along the outside edges of the hook-and-loop tape on each side. Cut 1/4” strips of the hook-and-loop tape from the outside of the strip. When you need a piece, cut the length you need and it’s ready to use.


These photos show application of hook-and-loop tape to his pants (Real Clothes Volume I, pattern 220A). Sew the crotch seam and hem the legs. 

1. Remove the paper backing from the loop side of the hook-and-loop tape, and position from the waist hem line on the outside edge of the fabric right side of the opening. For his pants, make sure this is the left side of the pants front. 

2. Remove the hook half of the tape, stitch the loop side in place. Replace the hook tape, so it doesn’t get lost. 

3. Fold under the waist hem and pin the front opening overlap in place, and try the pants on the doll. Remove the paper backing from the basting tape on the hook tape, and position the opening so it fits the doll and lies flat. (NOTE: if the pants are to be worn over a shirt or t-shirt, make sure the doll is wearing the shirt when you do this fitting! Even a little bulk makes a difference.)


4. Stitch the hook tape in place, top-stitch the left front opening in place, and top-stitch the waist hem.

 5. You’re done, and all he needs now is his suit jacket! (Shirt from Real Clothes Volume II , Pattern 211A.)