Sewing Panties 03b


1.  Cut out the pattern, leaving at least 1/2" outside the cutting lines.  Layer fabric and lining right sides together, and pin the pattern to the fabric.  Sew the leg and waist seams.  Here, a stabilizer has been used under the fabric as well, to prevent distortion with the stitching.

2.  Remove the stabilizer, if used.  Cut out the pattern and fabric on the cutting lines;  remove the paper pattern, and turn the panties right sides out.


3.  Apply the elastic to the lining side, just below the finished waist edge.  Here, an elastic thread is being stitched in place with a zigzag stitch casing.  Align the elastic just under the folded top edge; secure the first end, sew with a zigzag stitch wide enough to clear the elastic. Remove the stabilizer, pull the elastic to desired length.

4. An alternative elastic application is to replace the panties on a stabilizer, stitch a casing just wide enough to insert narrow elastic through the casing.  Remove the stabilizer, insert the elastic, and gather the elastic to length.  Pin the ends to secure.

5.  Align the centre back edges; place on a tear-away stabilizer, and sew the seam, being sure to secure the free end of the elastic.  Remove stabilizer, trim the seam allowance and elastic. 

6. Align the crotch seams, replace on the stabilizer, stitch and trim the seam.

You're done!