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We have to start with Carol.  She has had a lifelong love affair with sewing and with cats.  Combine these two passions, and itís natural to make quilts with a cat motif hence the TanQuility patterns.  (A relatively new skill with computer graphics converted the patterns to digital format.) 


We blame the granddaughters for the next step.  

A few years ago they discovered dolls and decided that Gramma who sews might be able to make them some dollsí clothes for Christmas.  Gramma who sews, being something of a perfectionist, was not satisfied with commercial dollsí clothes, nor with the commercial patterns.  So she designed her own patterns and the Real Clothes for Fashion Dolls came into being.  The granddaughters were delighted.  Their parents have asked us to find alternative presents to more dolls to model more clothes. 



John is the final member of the team somewhat reluctantly because he doesnít sew and is a CAD (that means, Cynical About Dolls).  Heís the Jack-of-all-trades: editor, bookkeeper, errand boy, cook and handyman.